ROMANIA – we are watching you.


Bulgaria has chosen mass STERILIZATION of strays – YOU are chosing mass KILLING.


Dear sirs,

Like 1000’s of Europeans and citizens from all over the world I have become aware of the real motives which are pushing you to choose the extermination of strays:

It has now become official in all parts Europe that KILLING STRAYS IS GOLDMINE for those who are practising these misdeeds icluding authorities and elected officials.

SHAME on you and your nation (EU-memberstate since 2007 occupying 33 seats in the European Parliament) and the criminels which are profitting from killing innocent animals that have committed no crime.

This EU-memberstate has sentenced these poor creatures (strays) to death for one reason – they have had the bad luck to be born in the streets of Romania.

In the EUROPEAN UNION we are all aware of the Romanian style of EUTHANASIA – barbarians are paid money for ”paying visits” to dogshelters at night with only one purpose – to kill defendless animals by beating them to death. Dogs are killed by electrocuting and poisioning as well.

After these crimes and misdeeds the evidences – the tortured bodies – are cremated.

Just to inform you – your neighbour state – Bulgaria – has chosen to solve this man- made stray problem in a civilized way – mass sterilization – instead of massacring millions of animal for the economic benefit of officials and criminels.

Shame on Romania and it’s legal authorities.

I can assure you that civlized European citizens, people, animal lovers, animal welfare workers and animal welfare organisations  all over the world are fully aware of what goes on in Romania these days and will do everything possible to expose those (names ,photos and position i the Romanian society – social as well as political ) who are behind the legalization of these MASS KILLINGS.

A world wide ”Boycutt of Romania” seems to be an empty threat to this barbaric country which has not contributed to anything in the EUROPEAN UNION (and the world as a whole) except for lowering European standards when it comes to animal welfare regulation. A banning from the European Community is too much to hope for.

To the great majority of European citizens it is still a mystery how Romania ever could achieve and be accepted as an equalized and legal member of the European Community!

You – Romanian authorities and elected officials – might be able to manipulate the Romanian population but not the entire Europe and the rest of the world.

We Europeans and citizens of the civilized world are not going to turn a blind eye to what is going on in your country from now on.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Hopefully you will now start listening ”the screams of the voiceless animals” – reconsider your opinion and choose a civilized way of coping with the millions of Romanian strays.

Yours respecfully

Anette Selch Jensen (Denmark)


on behalf of my  civilized fellow citizens in Europe,  animal lovers and the poor speechless creatures in Romania.


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  2. Kiki says:

    Amin ! Multumesc ca ai postat asta pe blogul tau, ma bucur ca mai sunt europeni care inca se mai gandesc la catelusi.

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  6. Awesome article – cheers, it’s not surprising I lose hours a day browsing stuff on the web, I’m just about to browse around the rest of your site – thanks.

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