Ea este Cara ..este o pisica superba. Din cauza dizabilitatii pe care o are(este o pisica oarba) ar avea nevoie sa fie singurul animal din casa si de preferat la apartment. Aici aveti cateva poze si poveste ei. Puteti sa o ajutati si daca dati share. Multumesc

Cara is a very loving, gentle Balinese cat who is quick to purr, adores human affection, and is quick to return the favor. She is very friendly and everyone who has met her loves her instantly. I call her Cara because she is so “dear.” I have been fostering her since September but cannot take her to my next post so I am trying to find her a forever home, preferably an indoor one where she is the only pet.
This gorgeous cat – then only six months old — was unceremoniously dumped outside a veterinary clinic last summer simply because she is permanently blind. She made her way to The Nature shelter but, due to her disability, the other cats picked on her so she couldn’t stay there. But in my apartment she has thrived. She has excellent spatial skills and learned to navigate her way all around in just a couple of days. Her litter box manners are impeccable and she is a very tidy eater. Despite her disability she is not afraid of what she cannot see. She also has an adventurous spirit – in December she tromped around the balcony exploring the snow and she once sneaked down one and a half flights of stairs before we up with caught her!
Cara is very undemanding, and is even less active than most cats. Just some food, water, litter and love are all she needs. She will not climb your drapes, jump on your counters or bookcases, or get into any mischief — and she has expressed no interest in wanting “human” foods. She will, however, come when you call her (eventually), wind around your ankles, and give you unlimited affection. Although she is long-haired, Balinese do not shed very much. Just a quick brushing every couple of days keeps the shedding to a minimum. She LOVES to be brushed and will let you do so until your hand cramps up. And, like any cat, she is interested in catnip toys!

If you can open your heart and your home to this most deserving kitty, please contact me soon so that she does not have to be returned to the shelter’s care and an uncertain future.

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  1. mona says:

    Vlad am reusit!Am dat mai departe mesajul pe facebook!

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